Leave your ego at the door

Those that know me know, that for a number of years I was absolutely addicted to that notorious sport called Crossfit. I know, I know, lots of people have a bee in their bonnet about crossfit, but I don’t care, I friggin loved it!  I LOVED everything about it! I loved the feeling of getting stronger and faster, I loved the steady progress I made learning and perfecting the movements and olympic lifts traditionally used in Crossfit, I loved the friendly competition, the people, and most of all I loved the feeling I got after completing a workout that I thought was actually going to kill me!

Over time I did fall out of love with the sport a bit, but I believe that was mostly because, for me, life just got in the way.. I was unable to train 5+ times a week anymore, I was not taking the time to look after my body which resulted in various injuries that held me back, and I always felt like I was starting from scratch.

At Christmas time in 2016 I reevaluated my goals and decided I needed a break from the sport, and I’m not going to lie and say I didn’t miss it, because I absolutely did, however I also enjoyed having to time to dedicate to other sports and activities too.

By December 2017 I had had 12 months off from anything even remotely Crossfitty, I was beginning to wonder if I’d even be able to attempt to complete a Crossfit or similar style workout, was it too late? Was it just easier to not try? Was I getting to old?.. Then  just before Christmas, I was asked by a friend of mine to come to a free workout at The Colosseum, a local gym she was teaching at in Burswood – this gym also just happens to be located around the corner from my office (convenient), and I’m not one to turn down the opportunity to workout, so yes the answer was an absolute YES!

Obviously, I was pretty excited to try out this new gym, 1. For you guys and 2. The workout was a Crossfit style workout that would allow me to see where my ability was currently at after so much time off from the sport. Now, before I go any further, I will just clarify one thing. I am aware that to be properly considered “Crossfit” the facility/ gym / box whatever, the facility is required to be “affiliated” which basically means they pay money to some dude over in America to have the title of a “Crossfit Box”. I don’t really care too much bout the formalities regarding this, to me when I refer to Crossfit, I’m referring to a style of workout and thats really it (I doubt Greg Glassman is going to sue me for it). 

Anyway, now that that’s done, let’s get back to the important stuff – I was excited to try out this new gym and test me abilities. Walking in there I didn’t know what the workout was going to be, What I did know, was that I was going to have to really take a moment to chose the weight I was comfortable lifting, and if anything start nice and light. It was at this time I had the mantra running through my head “ leave your ego at the door, leave your ego at the door!!” This was for a couple of reasons, obviously I’d been out of the game for a whole year, and I was also nursing a bit of a shoulder injury so it was crucial that I was able to maintain technique throughout the entire workout (not that that isn’t important normally, but I didn’t want to aggravate the injury). The workout was 5 rounds of running (with a deadweight ball), shoulder to overhead lifts, weighted lunges and something called strongman throws? (I think)?? We were partnered in teams of two,  chose our weights, and off we went! I have to say this workout did kick my butt a bit, myself and my partner worked really well together as a team and systematically chipped away through each part of the workout, Side note – We did managed to finish first which was a surprise, but did make me a little happy (no I’m not competitive at all haha)… But if I’m really, honest the fast finish was probably down to the fact that I did have a comfortable weight of 27.5kg for my lifts, and my workout partner was pretty bloody strong, and very fast.. So basically it was mostly down to him (which I’m not too proud to admit).

Overall the experience at The Colosseum was awesome! The team are super friendly, encouraging and really welcoming to everyone. From what I could see (and what I’ve been told) the owners at the Colosseum have more of a holistic approach to fitness, offering a variety of classes like Pilates, Strength and Conditioning, Boxing and (my personal favourite), Gymnastics. Which is fantastic for those wanting to really hone in and perfect and develop different skills.

These guys have a real team environment within their facility and would love to have you come down and try a class or two- I think they even have a Friday afternoon BBQ after the last workout to kick off the weekend (how cool!)! They’re also conveniently located near the New Stadium and down the road from the New Blasta Brewery / Cafe too! So if you live or work in the vicinity (or you just want to try something new) I’d highly recommend checking this place out! I mean, what have you got to lose?

If you are interested in trying out the Colosseum there website is Here.

Until next time, love your life  xx

Trapeze Trap

I think everyone at one point or another has thought it would be cool to join the circus, I know I’ve always been mesmerised by the athleticism, strength and talent of circus performers in the big top.  But I guess wanting to run away and join the circus is usually a fleeting, momentary desire because although the skills and tricks look cool, where the hell do you go to learn that staff? And, do you actually have to run away or can you just join a school or take classes to learn the skills required? Surprisingly there are apparently a number of places in Perth that offer various circus class’s (exciting!!), one of which is Flying Trapeze Perth who, you guessed it.. Teach you to fly on the trapeze!! Needless to say I was delighted to find these guys in little old Perth while searching for fun fit activities, and I promise you, they did NOT let me down!

I signed up for a 2 hour trapeze class and dragged my adventure loving friend Roz along with me, I kind of knew what to expect as I had given it a go in Sydney a few months ago and was aware of the basic requirements, Roz on the other hand hadn’t attempted the trapeze before so she was understandably more on the apprehensive side, but handled it like an absolute champ!  Like any beginners class the safety rules and training come first, we’re instructed on the best places to walk while around the equipment, learnt the cues that we needed to listen for from the instructors, had some practice runs (low to the ground) on what exactly it was that we were going to when we finally got to go up for our first real go on the trapeze.

I’m not going to lie, heights aren’t really my thing. I don’t generally like being too high off the ground, and for me, that was the part I had to get my brain to stop thinking about the most. As I Climbed the ladder to the platform I felt a little scared, but secure at the same time (It was a fixed ladder that was super sturdy that helped a lot). Being on the platform waiting for my turn was the most stomach churning part for me, but I just kept having to remind myself that I was above a giant trampoline and I was essentially in no real danger at all. One of the other girls in the class summed it up really well when she said “You almost have to [really quickly] develop a solid relationship with the person up there helping you, because you really do put a lot of trust in them to keep you safe,” and I suppose depending on the kind of person you are, that can be hard to do too. After you’ve been clipped in to your safety line and have grasped the bar securely, IT’S GO TIME!!! The rest of the ride is thrilling! The trapeze really is so much fun, and totally worth every second I was unnecessarily terrified of standing on that platform! The reality is, you don’t have time to be afraid once you’ve jumped, you’re too busy listening for your cues from the instructor below yelling “Knees up NOW!” “Hands off NOW!” (et cetera et cetera) while having an absolute blast!

There is of course some things that can help to make your experience as a first time trapeze “artist” slightly easier, a little bit of upper body and core strength do come in handy but are not essential (I promise you, you won’t be letting go of that bar until you’re supposed to), and if you do have an aversion to heights, the ability to push it to the back of your head will also help get you up onto and off of the platform.

We really did have the best time learning some new skills and playing on the trapeze with the guys and gals from Flying Trapeze Perth. It’s safe to say that both myself and Roz HIGHLY recommend taking a friend – or going by yourself, down to Alfred Cove to give it a go, you’ll have a great time learning a new skill and like me, you’ll probably want to try and find a way to make it your new hobby.

 Click Here to view their website for more information.

*Willow and Woods pays full price for all classes and activities attended and does not receive renumeration for their reviews.



Bouncing at BOUNCE!


As a child I loooved playing on the trampoline in my backyard, and of course when you’re a child, you don’t see an activity like bouncing on a trampoline as a workout… Why would you? You’re just having fun right?! Right! annnnd wrong! To my surprise playing on a trampoline can actually be a really good workout, as well as a whole lot of fun! I went along to a Core Fit Class at Bounce in Cannington (Perth) with a group of girlfriends to see how much of a workout we could actually get from our childhood pastime.

We started off with a warm up game of dodgeball – Yay!! This was the absolute BEST! Within a few minutes we certainly did warm up and had lots of giggles along with it too. Seeing a bunch of grown women jumping up and down on trampolines, throwing balls at each other with very little control (myself included), is HILARIOUS! I was laughing at myself and my friends so much that my face began to hurt (A LOT). We played dodgeball for about 10-15 minutes and went for a little jog when we were hit “out” with the ball, (we then jumped back into the game so we didn’t get cold, kind defeats the point of warming up if we stopped moving ha ha).

Dodgeball was then followed by 10 minutes of jumping, there was HEAPS of jumping! We did pike jumps, tuck jumps, power jumps, normal jumps, aaannd  a whole bunch of other jumps that I can’t remember the name of, but you get the drift.. I will admit the first few minutes of jumping was more than I had anticipated, and we were all getting a little concerned at how slowly time seemed to be ticking over up until the three minute mark. Thankfully soon after that point we all seemed to get our trampoline legs back and got through the following seven minutes pretty well.

Then! It was then time to get stuck into the workout, we were instructed that today’s workout was to be completed in pairs. Each pair would alternate movements between each other taking a small break in between each round. Then, there was a power round, (basically the exact same workout as we’d just done but without the breaks). Now, I do feel like my group had a bit of an advantage in this class, all of us are reasonably fit AND we’re all pole dancers, so core strength is something we DO have a fair amount of. But in saying that the workout really did combine a cardio and core workout quite well (and did I mention super fun?!) In relation to the difficulty, I’d consider the core work to be perfect for a beginner / low intermediate level, so if you’ve got ab’s like a 1992 Peter Andre then the actual core component probably isn’t going to set your abs on fire but you’ll still get your heart rate up and absolutely laugh your butt off! (I promise).

Bounce have a few different classes on offer they are, Fit Move, Fit Blast and Fit Core (you can find them Here), I’m guessing every class is just as fun as the Fit Core class we attended (I mean how can it not be?? Ummmm, trampolines people!) I absolutely CANNOT WAIT to go again!! If you really are the type of person that doesn’t like to feel like you’re working out, then THIS is absolutely for you!

Hopefully you do get the opportunity to try a class at bounce, and if you do we’d love to know what you thought!

Until next time,

Love Your Life! xx



Yab Yum Yoga – Part 2 (The Interview)

I had the pleasure of chatting to the lovely Samantha from Yab Yum Yoga to discuss all things Yab Yum! Hopefully all you current and potential yogi’s out there get all the answers you need about her fab studio and will pay her a visit at a class or their next event 🙂

Erin: So Sam firstly, I know Yab Yum Yoga is a relatively new studio but when did the studio open?

Sam: We are quite new, and have been open for just over 10 months. We’re very blessed that we are already expanding into a new space in Dec (right next door) We are fortunate enough to be taking over the office across from our current space, to create a beautiful space that will be a fair bit bigger, and even more special.

Erin: The studio has quite a unique name, where did that come from?

Sam: Yab Yum is actually a tantric position, so the name is a little cheeky, just like we are. Here’s a little insight into Yab Yum, the posture – http://www.livetantra.com/yab-yum-the-tantric-posture/

Side note: This has made me love the name even more!! 

Erin: An important question for all new yogi’s out there, does Yab Yum Yoga cater to all level’s?

Sam: Absolutely. We have classes from beginner, to yin to strong flows, however each class is quite accessible to each level of yoga; we believe your practice is enabled by what is available to you. Our teachers will offer options and variations for more challenging poses and sequences where necessary.

Erin: I absolutely LOVED the Deep House Vinyasa event the other night! Thank you so much for allowing me to come and share my experience on my blog! can you tell me who was the brain child behind this and how did the idea come about?

Sam: That’s so wonderful to hear. Rhi and myself (we’re Yab Yum Yoga) always brainstorm what’s next, along with Zsu, and this concept just flowed through our conversation. We wanted to do something a little different this time, so we introduced a theme (and I think we’ll continue with different themes for our next events). Zsu’s teaching style really makes this event so special, it all comes together with her magical vibes. Zsu also works really closely with the DJ (Anonymous Prankster) to ensure the flow and the music are just perfectly in sync, and something out guests can get lost in.

Erin: I recall you mentioning that these Yoga events are held about every 4-6 weeks, what is the best way for people to find out when the next one is on?

Sam: Yes – We love our Deep House Vinyasa. The best way to find out about these is to follow us on social media 🙂

Erin: It was a Vinyasa Flow that we did at Friday nights event, is this always the case or do you change styles for each event?

Sam: It’s always Vinyasa, but the flows are always different. No two have been the same, so it’s always interesting and these events have truly got more powerful each time.

Erin: I quite enjoyed the unconventional teaching style of Zsuzsa Octaviano on Friday Night, is this typical of her classes? or just reserved for these events?

Sam: How amazing is she? Yes, this is Zsu through and through. She teaches a number of classes, the experience is different depending on the type of class, but these wonderful vibes you get from her is something you’ll get in each of her classes. We are so lucky to have her.

Erin : Does Zsuzsa Octaviano always lead the flows at your events or do different instructors take turns?

Sam:  It’s always Zsu. She really is Deep House Vinyasa! We also run this class in our studio each Wednesday with Zsu. It’s a more intimate experience, with no DJ, but a powerful class nevertheless. Definitely one of our busiest classes, and you can see why!

Erin: Thanks again for your time Samantha! It’s been a delight to speak with you and I can’t wait to visit again!

Sam: It was so good to have you there, and we’ll send you an invite to the next event.

So, there you have it! Yab Yum Yoga is the beautiful, calming (and cheeky) home of yoga that you simply must visit! All the ladies I met at the Deep House Vinyasa event were absolutely lovely and made us all feel very welcome. And the bonus…. I felt SO much more flexible in my Pole Dance class the next day! So many wins right here!!

I hope you enjoyed my very first interview!! ahhhhh how exciting! and I couldn’t have asked for a nicer person to speak with! Don’t forget, you can get in touch with the ladies at Yab Yum via their Facebook page Here or their website Here.


Until next time!! Love life!
Erin xxx


My Evening At a Yoga Rave!

You don’t usually think of Yoga and Rave as a combination of words that typically go together, but a yoga class where everyone is covered in body glitter and paint, in a warehouse, with a DJ! Yoga Rave seems like a pretty accurate description to me. 

As much as I’ve always enjoyed the [very few] yoga classes I have attended in the past, I wouldn’t have the audacity to consider myself as a yogi (just yet). I honestly don’t really know much about Yoga, except that there seems to be a thousand different types of yoga with a million different poses, none of which I know very well.. But on the evening of Friday the 13th, this didn’t matter! I was invited to the Yab Yum Yoga event by a friend of mine who is a bit of a yogi and very much a free spirit (that of which I. AM. NOT). I jumped at the chance to attend for a few reasons, I was looking for a new activity to try,  I quite like my lunatic friend, and who the hell wouldn’t be curious about an event like this? 

The correct name of what I have described as the Yoga Rave was Deep House Vinyasa: Tribal Nights. The event was organised and run by the lovely people at Yab Yum Yoga, and I have to say they did an awesome job. My friend (being the lunatic that she is) arrived a half an hour early (by accident) and positioned herself front and centre. This was not exactly a welcome surprise for me, I literally had no idea what I was doing and was hoping to hide somewhere up the back hidden away from all the serious yogi’s (AWKWARD)!! But I did as I was told and set up at the front secretly hoping I could follow along for the next hour and a half without drawing too much attention to myself. There was a table set up the back where all the face and body painting was taking place, a DJ table at the front and candles all around the large warehouse space – It looked very cool. Eventually we began and to my surprise the Yoga instructor barely spent anytime on the mat (right in front of me) demonstrating or going through any of the poses (slight panic set in as I was going to have to rely on only the people directly next to me for an indication on what the hell I was supposed to be doing)! But having said that, it was actually fine, the Yoga instructor got us started and off we went. The room was dark and we could hear the rain on the warehouse roof  which really made the experience even better for me personally. The instructor spoke to us in a soft and relaxing tone, directing us on breath and movement while the DJ played tribal(esk) music. 

The entire class was quite unconventional (in a good way), for example, at a couple of stages during the class the instructor told us to breath, and let go of all the “shit” we’d been holding on to (I very much liked the directness of this, it made me giggle and therefore relax a bit more). About two thirds of  way through we were asked to close our eyes and move with the music, let go, and just dance on our mats. I was NOT sure what to make of this! I’m not really one that finds it to easy to close my eyes in a room full of strangers and just dance – I had terrifying thoughts of eventually opening my eyes to see a room full of people, standing around watching me bust out some stupid flailing moves, which initially made me feel quite insecure. It was at this moment I thought I was going to have to pull myself together and embrace this experience as a whole and JUST do it. It turns out my little pep talk worked, I danced and moved around with relative ease, and felt more and more relaxed and in the moment the longer we did this for. The best part was, when I DID eventually open my eye’s, no one was pointing and laughing in my direction, everyone else was in their own space – both physical and mental. I was safe, I was relaxed and I was SWEATING! boy was I sweating!!! This yoga stuff is not the fluffy little workout that many people probably perceive it to be, to which I am always pleasantly surprised (don’t panic, there are variations for the less flexible, less fit and just people that are new to yoga, so don’t let this scare you away). 

We finished up the class with some mediation, I’m not going to lie at one point while we were sitting in a massive circle around the room I snuck a peak at everyone. And I have to say It was a really cool sight, there was probably about a hundred people sitting around this room in candle light, with the sound of music and rain echoing around us. Again the sight of this helped me to sink back into the moment and relax that bit more. 

All in all I thoroughly enjoyed this evening of glitter, paint, tribal music and Yoga! It was an experience that I’d never thought for one minute I’d ever experience, and it helped this uptight busy body take a moment and breath! Yab Yum Yoga is a relatively new Yoga studio that hold these events every 4-6 weeks in various locations, I spoke to Sam (one of the organisers) and she mentioned that they’ll possibly holding their next event outside under the stars. I can only imagine how nice it would be to hold this event outdoors in a beautiful Perth Spring evening (heaven!). 

For more information contact Yab Yum Yoga via their website Here and follow their facebook page Here, I highly recommend getting involved with this AND incase you were wondering there were a LOT of newbie yoga people at this event (probably feeling as curious and nervous as I was), and the organisers were absolutely lovely! So grab a couple of friends and sign up for the next one, you WON’T regret it!

Until next time, love your life! 

Erin xx



LA Fit – Subiaco

If you’ve ever walked or driven past the LA Fit studio in Subiaco, you might have been intrigued by the unique looking equipment you can see through the front window. These large reformers aren’t what you’d typically see in a gym or fitness studio but instead resemble what you might come across at a Reformer pilates studio or Physio, the uniqueness of this may have been one of the reasons I had been dying to try out LA Fit ever since they opened in 2015 (but just never made myself find the time to do it).

Although I’ve previously used a reformer while completing a few months of clinical pilates for injury rehabilitation (under the supervision of a physio), I hadn’t really considered all those hours on the reformer to be an actual workout. I had  however found an appreciation for the fact that this machine was able to help me really isolate lots of little muscles, and concentrate on getting them to work properly (Super important to avoid injuries), so the idea of incorporating this into a workout was something I really wanted to try!

Now that I had finally booked myself into a class at LA Fit I was super excited to get there! I turned up to LA Fit at 6:15am and the first thing I noticed (apart from all the cool active wear they have on display in the front reception area), was the trainer in the next room booming her instructions over the microphone in her encouraging and upbeat voice, sometimes cracking jokes – A very good tactic for keeping her clients minds off the fact that they are working pretty hard.

When it was time for my class to start, I approached the instructor (her name is Jazz) and told her it was my fist time participating in a megaformer workout, Jazz immediately knew who I was (I’d called the day before to book) which made me feel a bit more comfortable – I’m sure we can all relate to the nervousness that goes with starting at new clubs and classes. Jazz introduced herself and explained a little bit about the class and what we’d be doing, THEN IT WAS TIME TO GET STARTED!!

Now guys, lets not get it twisted… This megaformer class is NOT a stroll in the park, you’ll definitely work and to be honest, that’s kinda the point..  but the levels of resistance can be adjusted to suit your capability which means people of all fitness levels can do this.

As soon as the class gets started the workout really begins! We went through a series of movements (I won’t bother telling you the names because you won’t understand the terminology) and worked up one full side of our bodies at a time. Each movement was performed for 2 minutes (roughly), and then held it for a few seconds before moving on to the next one. I was pretty surprised at how quickly the workout went, this was probably a combination of Jazz keeping us entertained while we were working, and the fact that we moved through each exercise quick enough for it to be felt but not long enough for you to want to give up. Looking around the room it was apparent that all of the class participants had quite different levels of ability and strength, but that wasn’t an issue as the resistance for each movement can be adjusted to suit (and if you get it wrong the instructor will help you out).

All in all I really enjoyed my megareformer class at the LA Fit studio in Subiaco, and I was delighted when I woke up with  just the right amount of muscle soreness (I had certainly worked those glutes of mine). This workout gets your heart rate up without leaving you gasping for air and really does get those muscles working – and who doesn’t like that?!

So if you’re looking for a good workout that’s different, effective and fun, get you butts down to LA Fit! They currently have two locations in Perth (Subiaco and Highgate) and their friendly staff will help you get started.

Annnnd there you have it, my very first fun fit activity review! I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it (actually I hope you enjoyed reading it more, because as I said last time, writing is not my strong suit). Let me know what you thought and if you have any ideas on what I should try next leave a comment and let me know!

Contact LA Fit via their website:   https://www.lafitstudio.com.au/

001 – My First Blog

Today is a pretty interesting day for me because starting this blog is so far out of my comfort zone you would NOT believe! I am not a writer (by any stretch of the imagination), my grammar is not great, I use spell check WAY more than I should, and I’m really not sure who would even be interested in anything I have to say because, quite frankly I’m not an expert in… well, anything really  (I’m really selling this to you aren’t I? haha!).

So now that I’ve told you exactly who I am not, I guess I should tell you who I am, and what the hell I am doing with this blog??!!  Lets start with the basics, my name is Erin, I’m in my mid thirties (that was hard to write), and I am about as ordinary as you get in most ways. The thing I LOVE to do is keep fit and finding new ways to do it, I have a number of friends that perish the thought of going to the gym and for the most part I guess I kinda do too… The thing is, I don’t believe you need to hold a gym membership to get fit, and infact sometimes I think if you’re not a self motivated person a membership at your local “Globo Gym”  can be extremely detrimental to your overall fitness journey. So basically THAT is what I want to talk about! This blog is going to be where I share my experiences trying different and FUN ways to keep active and fit 🙂

So if you’re interested in reading about my experiences (and perhaps trying them for yourself), please follow me and let me know what you think! Maybe even suggest a sport or activity you’d like me to try.  🙂

Until next time, enjoy life!

Erin xx



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