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If you’ve ever walked or driven past the LA Fit studio in Subiaco, you might have been intrigued by the unique looking equipment you can see through the front window. These large reformers aren’t what you’d typically see in a gym or fitness studio but instead resemble what you might come across at a Reformer pilates studio or Physio, the uniqueness of this may have been one of the reasons I had been dying to try out LA Fit ever since they opened in 2015 (but just never made myself find the time to do it).

Although I’ve previously used a reformer while completing a few months of clinical pilates for injury rehabilitation (under the supervision of a physio), I hadn’t really considered all those hours on the reformer to be an actual workout. I had  however found an appreciation for the fact that this machine was able to help me really isolate lots of little muscles, and concentrate on getting them to work properly (Super important to avoid injuries), so the idea of incorporating this into a workout was something I really wanted to try!

Now that I had finally booked myself into a class at LA Fit I was super excited to get there! I turned up to LA Fit at 6:15am and the first thing I noticed (apart from all the cool active wear they have on display in the front reception area), was the trainer in the next room booming her instructions over the microphone in her encouraging and upbeat voice, sometimes cracking jokes – A very good tactic for keeping her clients minds off the fact that they are working pretty hard.

When it was time for my class to start, I approached the instructor (her name is Jazz) and told her it was my fist time participating in a megaformer workout, Jazz immediately knew who I was (I’d called the day before to book) which made me feel a bit more comfortable – I’m sure we can all relate to the nervousness that goes with starting at new clubs and classes. Jazz introduced herself and explained a little bit about the class and what we’d be doing, THEN IT WAS TIME TO GET STARTED!!

Now guys, lets not get it twisted… This megaformer class is NOT a stroll in the park, you’ll definitely work and to be honest, that’s kinda the point..  but the levels of resistance can be adjusted to suit your capability which means people of all fitness levels can do this.

As soon as the class gets started the workout really begins! We went through a series of movements (I won’t bother telling you the names because you won’t understand the terminology) and worked up one full side of our bodies at a time. Each movement was performed for 2 minutes (roughly), and then held it for a few seconds before moving on to the next one. I was pretty surprised at how quickly the workout went, this was probably a combination of Jazz keeping us entertained while we were working, and the fact that we moved through each exercise quick enough for it to be felt but not long enough for you to want to give up. Looking around the room it was apparent that all of the class participants had quite different levels of ability and strength, but that wasn’t an issue as the resistance for each movement can be adjusted to suit (and if you get it wrong the instructor will help you out).

All in all I really enjoyed my megareformer class at the LA Fit studio in Subiaco, and I was delighted when I woke up with  just the right amount of muscle soreness (I had certainly worked those glutes of mine). This workout gets your heart rate up without leaving you gasping for air and really does get those muscles working – and who doesn’t like that?!

So if you’re looking for a good workout that’s different, effective and fun, get you butts down to LA Fit! They currently have two locations in Perth (Subiaco and Highgate) and their friendly staff will help you get started.

Annnnd there you have it, my very first fun fit activity review! I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it (actually I hope you enjoyed reading it more, because as I said last time, writing is not my strong suit). Let me know what you thought and if you have any ideas on what I should try next leave a comment and let me know!

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