My Evening At a Yoga Rave!

You don’t usually think of Yoga and Rave as a combination of words that typically go together, but a yoga class where everyone is covered in body glitter and paint, in a warehouse, with a DJ! Yoga Rave seems like a pretty accurate description to me. 

As much as I’ve always enjoyed the [very few] yoga classes I have attended in the past, I wouldn’t have the audacity to consider myself as a yogi (just yet). I honestly don’t really know much about Yoga, except that there seems to be a thousand different types of yoga with a million different poses, none of which I know very well.. But on the evening of Friday the 13th, this didn’t matter! I was invited to the Yab Yum Yoga event by a friend of mine who is a bit of a yogi and very much a free spirit (that of which I. AM. NOT). I jumped at the chance to attend for a few reasons, I was looking for a new activity to try,  I quite like my lunatic friend, and who the hell wouldn’t be curious about an event like this? 

The correct name of what I have described as the Yoga Rave was Deep House Vinyasa: Tribal Nights. The event was organised and run by the lovely people at Yab Yum Yoga, and I have to say they did an awesome job. My friend (being the lunatic that she is) arrived a half an hour early (by accident) and positioned herself front and centre. This was not exactly a welcome surprise for me, I literally had no idea what I was doing and was hoping to hide somewhere up the back hidden away from all the serious yogi’s (AWKWARD)!! But I did as I was told and set up at the front secretly hoping I could follow along for the next hour and a half without drawing too much attention to myself. There was a table set up the back where all the face and body painting was taking place, a DJ table at the front and candles all around the large warehouse space – It looked very cool. Eventually we began and to my surprise the Yoga instructor barely spent anytime on the mat (right in front of me) demonstrating or going through any of the poses (slight panic set in as I was going to have to rely on only the people directly next to me for an indication on what the hell I was supposed to be doing)! But having said that, it was actually fine, the Yoga instructor got us started and off we went. The room was dark and we could hear the rain on the warehouse roof  which really made the experience even better for me personally. The instructor spoke to us in a soft and relaxing tone, directing us on breath and movement while the DJ played tribal(esk) music. 

The entire class was quite unconventional (in a good way), for example, at a couple of stages during the class the instructor told us to breath, and let go of all the “shit” we’d been holding on to (I very much liked the directness of this, it made me giggle and therefore relax a bit more). About two thirds of  way through we were asked to close our eyes and move with the music, let go, and just dance on our mats. I was NOT sure what to make of this! I’m not really one that finds it to easy to close my eyes in a room full of strangers and just dance – I had terrifying thoughts of eventually opening my eyes to see a room full of people, standing around watching me bust out some stupid flailing moves, which initially made me feel quite insecure. It was at this moment I thought I was going to have to pull myself together and embrace this experience as a whole and JUST do it. It turns out my little pep talk worked, I danced and moved around with relative ease, and felt more and more relaxed and in the moment the longer we did this for. The best part was, when I DID eventually open my eye’s, no one was pointing and laughing in my direction, everyone else was in their own space – both physical and mental. I was safe, I was relaxed and I was SWEATING! boy was I sweating!!! This yoga stuff is not the fluffy little workout that many people probably perceive it to be, to which I am always pleasantly surprised (don’t panic, there are variations for the less flexible, less fit and just people that are new to yoga, so don’t let this scare you away). 

We finished up the class with some mediation, I’m not going to lie at one point while we were sitting in a massive circle around the room I snuck a peak at everyone. And I have to say It was a really cool sight, there was probably about a hundred people sitting around this room in candle light, with the sound of music and rain echoing around us. Again the sight of this helped me to sink back into the moment and relax that bit more. 

All in all I thoroughly enjoyed this evening of glitter, paint, tribal music and Yoga! It was an experience that I’d never thought for one minute I’d ever experience, and it helped this uptight busy body take a moment and breath! Yab Yum Yoga is a relatively new Yoga studio that hold these events every 4-6 weeks in various locations, I spoke to Sam (one of the organisers) and she mentioned that they’ll possibly holding their next event outside under the stars. I can only imagine how nice it would be to hold this event outdoors in a beautiful Perth Spring evening (heaven!). 

For more information contact Yab Yum Yoga via their website Here and follow their facebook page Here, I highly recommend getting involved with this AND incase you were wondering there were a LOT of newbie yoga people at this event (probably feeling as curious and nervous as I was), and the organisers were absolutely lovely! So grab a couple of friends and sign up for the next one, you WON’T regret it!

Until next time, love your life! 

Erin xx



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