Yab Yum Yoga – Part 2 (The Interview)

I had the pleasure of chatting to the lovely Samantha from Yab Yum Yoga to discuss all things Yab Yum! Hopefully all you current and potential yogi’s out there get all the answers you need about her fab studio and will pay her a visit at a class or their next event ūüôā

Erin: So Sam firstly, I know Yab Yum Yoga is a relatively new studio but when did the studio open?

Sam: We are quite new, and have been open for just over 10 months. We’re very blessed that we are already expanding into a new space in Dec (right next door)¬†We are fortunate enough to be taking over the office across from our current space, to create a beautiful space that will be a fair bit bigger, and even more special.

Erin: The studio has quite a unique name, where did that come from?

Sam: Yab Yum is actually a tantric position, so the name is a little cheeky, just like we are. Here’s a little insight into Yab Yum, the posture –¬†http://www.livetantra.com/yab-yum-the-tantric-posture/

Side note: This has made me love the name even more!! 

Erin: An important question for all new yogi’s out there, does Yab Yum Yoga cater to all level’s?

Sam: Absolutely. We have classes from beginner, to yin to strong flows, however each class is quite accessible to each level of yoga; we believe your practice is enabled by what is available to you. Our teachers will offer options and variations for more challenging poses and sequences where necessary.

Erin: I absolutely LOVED the Deep House Vinyasa event the other night! Thank you so much for allowing me to come and share my experience on my blog! can you tell me who was the brain child behind this and how did the idea come about?

Sam:¬†That’s so wonderful to hear. Rhi and myself (we’re Yab Yum Yoga) always brainstorm what’s next, along with Zsu, and this concept just flowed through our conversation. We wanted to do something a little different this time, so we introduced a theme (and I think we’ll continue with different themes for our next events). Zsu’s teaching style really makes this event so special, it all comes together with her magical vibes. Zsu also works really closely with the DJ (Anonymous Prankster) to ensure the flow and the music are just perfectly in sync, and something out guests can get lost in.

Erin: I recall you mentioning that these Yoga events are held about every 4-6 weeks, what is the best way for people to find out when the next one is on?

Sam:¬†Yes – We love our Deep House Vinyasa. The best way to find out about these is to follow us on social media ūüôā

Erin: It was a Vinyasa Flow that we did at Friday nights event, is this always the case or do you change styles for each event?

Sam:¬†It’s always Vinyasa, but the flows are always different. No two have been the same, so it’s always interesting and these events have truly got more powerful each time.

Erin: I quite enjoyed the unconventional teaching style of Zsuzsa Octaviano on Friday Night, is this typical of her classes? or just reserved for these events?

Sam:¬†How amazing is she? Yes, this is Zsu through and through. She teaches a number of classes, the experience is different depending on the type of class, but these wonderful vibes you get from her is something you’ll get in each of her classes. We are so lucky to have her.

Erin : Does Zsuzsa Octaviano always lead the flows at your events or do different instructors take turns?

Sam:¬†¬†It’s always Zsu. She really is Deep House Vinyasa! We also run this class in our studio each Wednesday with Zsu. It’s a more intimate experience, with no DJ, but a powerful class nevertheless. Definitely one of our busiest classes, and you can see why!

Erin: Thanks again for your time Samantha! It’s been a delight to speak with you and I can’t wait to visit again!

Sam:¬†It was so good to have you there, and we’ll send you an invite to the next event.

So, there you have it! Yab Yum Yoga is the beautiful, calming (and cheeky) home of yoga that you simply must visit! All the ladies I met at the Deep House Vinyasa event were absolutely lovely and made us all feel very welcome. And the bonus…. I felt SO much more flexible in my Pole Dance class the next day! So many wins right here!!

I hope you enjoyed my very first interview!! ahhhhh how exciting! and I couldn’t have asked for a nicer person to speak with! Don’t forget, you can get in touch with the ladies at Yab Yum via their Facebook page¬†Here¬†or their website¬†Here.


Until next time!! Love life!
Erin xxx


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