Bouncing at BOUNCE!


As a child I loooved playing on the trampoline in my backyard, and of course when you’re a child, you don’t see an activity like bouncing on a trampoline as a workout… Why would you? You’re just having fun right?! Right! annnnd wrong! To my surprise playing on a trampoline can actually be a really good workout, as well as a whole lot of fun! I went along to a Core Fit Class at Bounce in Cannington (Perth) with a group of girlfriends to see how much of a workout we could actually get from our childhood pastime.

We started off with a warm up game of dodgeball – Yay!! This was the absolute BEST! Within a few minutes we certainly did warm up and had lots of giggles along with it too. Seeing a bunch of grown women jumping up and down on trampolines, throwing balls at each other with very little control (myself included), is HILARIOUS! I was laughing at myself and my friends so much that my face began to hurt (A LOT). We played dodgeball for about 10-15 minutes and went for a little jog when we were hit “out” with the ball, (we then jumped back into the game so we didn’t get cold, kind defeats the point of warming up if we stopped moving ha ha).

Dodgeball was then followed by 10 minutes of jumping, there was HEAPS of jumping! We did pike jumps, tuck jumps, power jumps, normal jumps, aaannd  a whole bunch of other jumps that I can’t remember the name of, but you get the drift.. I will admit the first few minutes of jumping was more than I had anticipated, and we were all getting a little concerned at how slowly time seemed to be ticking over up until the three minute mark. Thankfully soon after that point we all seemed to get our trampoline legs back and got through the following seven minutes pretty well.

Then! It was then time to get stuck into the workout, we were instructed that today’s workout was to be completed in pairs. Each pair would alternate movements between each other taking a small break in between each round. Then, there was a power round, (basically the exact same workout as we’d just done but without the breaks). Now, I do feel like my group had a bit of an advantage in this class, all of us are reasonably fit AND we’re all pole dancers, so core strength is something we DO have a fair amount of. But in saying that the workout really did combine a cardio and core workout quite well (and did I mention super fun?!) In relation to the difficulty, I’d consider the core work to be perfect for a beginner / low intermediate level, so if you’ve got ab’s like a 1992 Peter Andre then the actual core component probably isn’t going to set your abs on fire but you’ll still get your heart rate up and absolutely laugh your butt off! (I promise).

Bounce have a few different classes on offer they are, Fit Move, Fit Blast and Fit Core (you can find them Here), I’m guessing every class is just as fun as the Fit Core class we attended (I mean how can it not be?? Ummmm, trampolines people!) I absolutely CANNOT WAIT to go again!! If you really are the type of person that doesn’t like to feel like you’re working out, then THIS is absolutely for you!

Hopefully you do get the opportunity to try a class at bounce, and if you do we’d love to know what you thought!

Until next time,

Love Your Life! xx



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