Trapeze Trap

I think everyone at one point or another has thought it would be cool to join the circus, I know I’ve always been mesmerised by the athleticism, strength and talent of circus performers in the big top.  But I guess wanting to run away and join the circus is usually a fleeting, momentary desire because although the skills and tricks look cool, where the hell do you go to learn that staff? And, do you actually have to run away or can you just join a school or take classes to learn the skills required? Surprisingly there are apparently a number of places in Perth that offer various circus class’s (exciting!!), one of which is Flying Trapeze Perth who, you guessed it.. Teach you to fly on the trapeze!! Needless to say I was delighted to find these guys in little old Perth while searching for fun fit activities, and I promise you, they did NOT let me down!

I signed up for a 2 hour trapeze class and dragged my adventure loving friend Roz along with me, I kind of knew what to expect as I had given it a go in Sydney a few months ago and was aware of the basic requirements, Roz on the other hand hadn’t attempted the trapeze before so she was understandably more on the apprehensive side, but handled it like an absolute champ!  Like any beginners class the safety rules and training come first, we’re instructed on the best places to walk while around the equipment, learnt the cues that we needed to listen for from the instructors, had some practice runs (low to the ground) on what exactly it was that we were going to when we finally got to go up for our first real go on the trapeze.

I’m not going to lie, heights aren’t really my thing. I don’t generally like being too high off the ground, and for me, that was the part I had to get my brain to stop thinking about the most. As I Climbed the ladder to the platform I felt a little scared, but secure at the same time (It was a fixed ladder that was super sturdy that helped a lot). Being on the platform waiting for my turn was the most stomach churning part for me, but I just kept having to remind myself that I was above a giant trampoline and I was essentially in no real danger at all. One of the other girls in the class summed it up really well when she said “You almost have to [really quickly] develop a solid relationship with the person up there helping you, because you really do put a lot of trust in them to keep you safe,” and I suppose depending on the kind of person you are, that can be hard to do too. After you’ve been clipped in to your safety line and have grasped the bar securely, IT’S GO TIME!!! The rest of the ride is thrilling! The trapeze really is so much fun, and totally worth every second I was unnecessarily terrified of standing on that platform! The reality is, you don’t have time to be afraid once you’ve jumped, you’re too busy listening for your cues from the instructor below yelling “Knees up NOW!” “Hands off NOW!” (et cetera et cetera) while having an absolute blast!

There is of course some things that can help to make your experience as a first time trapeze “artist” slightly easier, a little bit of upper body and core strength do come in handy but are not essential (I promise you, you won’t be letting go of that bar until you’re supposed to), and if you do have an aversion to heights, the ability to push it to the back of your head will also help get you up onto and off of the platform.

We really did have the best time learning some new skills and playing on the trapeze with the guys and gals from Flying Trapeze Perth. It’s safe to say that both myself and Roz HIGHLY recommend taking a friend – or going by yourself, down to Alfred Cove to give it a go, you’ll have a great time learning a new skill and like me, you’ll probably want to try and find a way to make it your new hobby.

 Click Here to view their website for more information.

*Willow and Woods pays full price for all classes and activities attended and does not receive renumeration for their reviews.



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